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Best Chinese Restaurant

The Great Wall, 1649 Bedford Row, 422-6153

Low rooms are nicely done up in the traditional style at The Great Wall—red and gold dragons, giant fans with calligraphy. The bigger tables have lazy susans and placemats feature the Chinese zodiac. Weekday lunch specials are big and satisfying. A #14 will arrive mounded on a dinner plate—egg roll, chicken fried rice, sweet and sour chicken balls (nice light tangy sauce over a crispy batter around chunks of real chicken) and mixed vegetables (bamboo sprouts glistening with crisp green pepper and carrot)—all of it hot and ungreasy. All of this comes for $7.45 and tea or coffee is included. And it’s the same great fare for those wanting dinner or take out.

Runner-up: Fran’s, 451 Windmill, 469-9165

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