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Casino Taxi

“Today the most intensely targeted demographic is the baby—the future consumer,” writes Douglas Rushkoff in Coercion, his brilliant study of media and corporate branding. “The fresh neurons of young brains are valuable mental real estate.” Point in case: Though I haven’t seen Casino Taxi’s TV commercial since I was a child—possibly airing during The Wonderful World of Disney or The Beachcombers—it occupies a place in my psyche that would make Nike or Coca Cola drool. I remember Casino Taxi’s number before the telephone numbers of my closest friends and family. Ladies and gentlemen, the jingle behind the taxi empire: “If you’re a person on the go write down this number; it’s the key to travelling quick; it’s the Casino Taxi number: 429-6666 (duhn, duhn, duhn) or 425-6666.” 429-6666 or 425-6666

Runner-up: Yellow Cab

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