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Best Pick-up Bar

The Dome

Have you enough LOVE in your life? Would you like MORE? If you answered YES you need to know about our revolutionary new LOVE-enhancement technology. ENHANCE THE LOVE! After only one session of LOVE-enhancement training you will be able to SCORE a stone-cold BABE with a PICK-UP line of level one difficulty, such as: “Are those SPACEPANTS you’re wearing? Because your ASS is out of this world.” ENJOY GUARANTEED SUCCESS! In no time at all you will be in HOTTIE HEAVEN when you graduate to the EROTICALLY IRRESISTIBLE level nine PICK-UP, to wit: “Language,” as semiotician Roland Barthes writes in A Lover’s Discourse, “is a skin and conversation a caress. I think you and I have a lot to talk about.” Act now. Don’t delay. ENHANCE THE LOVE. Some restrictions apply. Argyle at Carmichael,

Runner-up: The New Palace

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