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Best Cheesecake

La Cave, 5244 Blowers, 429-3551

No surprise here. The perennial favourite is ahead of the competition by a cream cheese mile. The intimate warren of rooms provides a cozy spot for a late night sweet tooth fix, and the ever-changing selection keeps the regulars from getting bored. Pastry Chef Andrew Beck tells me that best sellers include Valley Mud, Turtle, Chocolate Decadence and Cookies ’n’ Cream. He jokes that he’s the one responsible for driving cholesterol levels up. To meet demand, Beck bakes 50 to 60 cakes a week—and has done for over four years now—so it’s clear SuperCitizens are loving what he’s doing, cholesterol or not.

Runner-up: Il Mercato, 5475 Spring Garden, 422-2866

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