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Best Aesthetician

Deanna Beals, Skin Deep Esthetics

Unruly hairs got you all in a knot? Nasty nail-biting habit have you sitting on your hands? Skin kinda blotchy, maybe even a little...dull? Well book yourself an appointment with this first-time best aethetician winner already. “Deanna uses environmentally-friendly products, provides one-on-one service, she’s smart and super amicable, she’s professional and does a great a job with all of her services—check out her celebrity brows!—and, perhaps most importantly, her waxing doesn’t hurt. Really!” —Sandra Gillespie, Coast reader and Deanna Beals cheerleader. 1518 Dresden Row, 492-2817.

Runner-up: Shannon Chappelle, The Head Shoppe

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