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Laurence Currie

It’s Laurence! Laurence! Not Lawrence. Jeez, producers usually never get the glory (well, unless their last names are Lange or Reznor or Daddy, I mean, Diddy), but they sure-as-shit see the guts. And Currie, from his home base at Halifax’s Idea of East studio, has seen the guts of almost every band to pass through this watery burg in the last decade or so. In the past year, he’s put his stamp on work from Dr. Yellow Fever, Galore and King Konqueror. You have yet to hear what he’s done most recently with Grand Theft Bus, Ian Janes and Shyne Factory. Lately, Currie’s taken to studio-surfing for some of his production work too. “It’s a little funner for me,” he says.

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