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“Pants on Fire,” Buck 65

“Cinematically, it was Taxi Driver and it was also 1980s collage art,” says Toronto filmmaker Micah Meisner of the vision behind Buck 65’s haunting video for “Pants on Fire,” which features a solitary Rich Terfry scribbling alone in his room, playing imaginary games of baseball and, well, driving a New York taxi. “The fragmentations that Rich uses as far as his narrative suit the idea well,” says Meisner. “The video and the multi-graph sequences are meant to convey the mental interior of Rich as he’s performing about loss and obsession.” He laughs. “Ya got that?” Filmed in Toronto over a January weekend last year—“ It ended in a police bust,” notes Meisner, because “Rich was driving a New York checkered taxi cab without a license plate”—the spot achieved medium rotation on MuchMusic, enough for you to vote it best local video for the second year running. Meisner, who’s nominated for a 2003 Juno for k-os’s “Superstar Pt.0” video, is finishing up work on the next Buck 65 single, “Phil,” off Square, so you may very well see his name this time next year.

Runner-up: “Clueless Wonder,” Joel Plaskett Emergency

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