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Best Live Music Venue

The Marquee Club/Hell’s Kitchen, 2037 Gottingen

There’s been a cabaret at the corner of Gottingen Street and Portland Place since what seems like the dawn of time. But never one like this. Precariously hung objects dangling above your head, perpetual renovations—will nothing keep you people away from the Marquee and Hell!? Clearly, no. Celebrating its five-year anniversary this month, The Marquee Club has revolutionized the way people see music in Halifax. It’s like a mini, booze-soaked identity crisis—jazz on Thursdays, acoustic open mic on Sundays, goth and industrial once a month, retro Wednesdays. Get this—The Marquee Club has got you going out to see music on MONDAY nights, a night when you could very well be copping out on the sofa with CSI: Miami. And not only that—you’re going to see the SAME BAND every Monday night for a whole month. In a basement. In a basement called Hell. Christ, they deserve this award, don’t they?

Runner-up: The Khyber Club, 1588 Barrington

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