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Best Independent Record Label

No Records

Well, not exactly a label, per se, but we get your drift. No Records rocks. Founded back in 1993, Waye Mason’s No Records (the label proper) rode the heights of the indie wave, making its name with releases from the Grace Babies and others. The business grew—OK, OK, wait, the business grew, went bust, started again, grew, went bust and started again—and No finally came up with the idea to create its own distribution company—No Distro. The label—though effectively kaput since 1997—still had street cred, of course, since it put out that awesome Chaz Rules tape and the happy-punk-massacre music of Donner Party Reunion. Plus, there’s been the foray into turntablism. In 2000, No stepped up to the plate with its underground hip-hop label, Cease and Desist. Today, check out or the No Records Shop at the Khyber for all things No.

Runner-up: Dependent Music

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