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Joel Plaskett Emergency

There is no emergency. We repeat: There is no emergency. Joel Plaskett is still right here. And he’s still playing music. And still rocking his guts out harder than anyone can believe. The leadman of Halifax’s best band (note, please, that the Reverb Readers’ Poll category Best Drummer is filled by Plaskett’s skin-pounder Dave Marsh and, likewise, the Best Bassist vote goes to his Emergency bandmate Tim Brennan. Oh, and also, do please note the Best Live Act category when you get to that point in this round-up). The Joel Plaskett Emergency is the culmination of all your rock and roll desires. Any attempt to describe the band’s sound by comparison just cheapens the experience. So pick up the records (In Need of Medical Attention and Down at the Khyber), check The Guide for the next show and start looking forward to more music. The band is working on songs for its next full-length right now, with tentative recording plans set for the spring (which should be any day, really) with a late summer or early autumn release. See? No emergency at all.

Runner-up: Signal Hill

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