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Dr. Yellow Fever

Singer and guitarist Kamran Abdi, in a search for ironic words that sounded good enough to put on band posters, chose doctor, yellow and fever as the winners. And you agree, as you chose Dr. Yellow Fever as Best Band Name. (Apparently, you like your band names random and nonsensical, as Bucket Truck and Heavy Meadows came in second and third.) The win by Dr. Yellow Fever comes bittersweet, however, as the band recently played a goodbye gig to a packed house at the Marquee. Keyboardist Danny Lutz promises all its members will go forth with certifiably funky projects. Best Cover Band: Signal Hill In a town where cover bands are a dime a dozen, Signal Hill always manages to climb to the top of the heap. You picked them over the alternating and direct voltage currents of Hells Bells, which isn’t actually from Halifax but won second place, and Big Fish and Shameless, who tied for third. Greg Tobin, guitarist and one of the band’s four singers, says, “I guess it makes us feel great that people would pick us over another great band. I think there is a place for any band that makes people feel good after they’ve seen a show.” After 10 years of playing “remakes,” Signal Hill might not qualify for this category next year—the band’s upcoming update to last year’s Sepia Tones will feature 100-percent original material.
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