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Best Columnist

Winner: Dan Savage

It’s true, nobody does it better. When Dan Savage talks about sex—or anything, really—you listen. Maybe it’s his blunt approach to the “how’d that happen?” people, or maybe it’s his lack of sympathy for the clearly freakish “am I a freak?” folks. Maybe it’s the ribaldly hilarious way he writes about everything from golden showers and shoe fetishists to the difficult decisions—to circumcize or not?—he and his boyfriend have had to make about their adopted son. Or maybe it’s his continuing snide asides about Kevin, his research assistant. Or the illicit thrill you get from seeing such naughty words in a newspaper. Whatever it is, you like him, you really like him. For the second year in a row—that is to say, as long as we’ve had this category—you’ve embraced Savage Love.

Runner-up: Parker Barss Donham

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