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Rick Mercer

Anyone whose ambition is to work with Dudley the Dragon has to be ok. That’s what Mercer was finally able to do this year on ytv’s children’s show of the same name, which, if you think about it, isn’t a far cry from some of the political interviews he has done on This Hour Has 22 Minutes. His moments on the front lawn of the White House trying to get an interview with Clinton are classic television comedy. And his biting political rants are probably the reason many of the show’s viewers tune in each week. Next up for the transplanted Newfoundlander is his own half-hour series on the new History Television specialty channel. It Seems Like Yesterday will concentrate each episode on a different week in the 20th century, with Mercer providing his trademark cynical commentary. Not bad for a guy who has only been alive for a little more than a quarter of the century.
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