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David Defiagbon

He has been boxing for 16 years. He fought for Nigeria in the ‘92 Olympics, moved to Halifax four years ago and won a silver medal at this year’s Olympics. And now David Defiagbon has to start up all over again.

Senator Walter Twinn sought him out for professional management shortly after the Olympics. Defiagbon’s professional debut came October 19 in Halifax, as did his first pro victory. Next move was to Houston, sparring with Evander Holyfield under the tutelage of Lou Duva while Holyfield prepared for his fight with Mike Tyson. “He was a very nice man,” says Defiagbon of Holyfield. “We started every morning at 6:oo am, and I knew he would beat Tyson. I saw how hard he trained.”

Soon Defiagbon will go after the Canadian Heavyweight belt, the Commonwealth and some European titles, and get himself ranked in the world much faster than he would by slogging it out in the States. For now, he’ll rest for the holidays, start training again and gain still more weight. And he’ll stay in his newfound hometown: “I would make more money fighting in the States, and I want to make money. But I don’t want to move there. I love Halifax.” —Drew Yamada

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