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Zuppa Theatre's new play

Toss the chicken and battle with ducks at the Sport & Social, Saturday night.


We’re totally game for Zuppa Theatre’s Sport & Social fundraiser on Saturday night (the AARC at Armbrae Academy, 1400 Oxford, $5, 19+), especially when we heard about the pie-eating contest, with pies made special for the occasion by theatre moms and volunteers. “Everyone’s eyes really light up for that one,” says Zuppa’s Sue Leblanc Crawford. Leblanc Crawford explains the chicken toss really is just that: tossing rubber chickens into a milk crate, perfect for unathletic arts supporters, as is Speed Scrabble and tea leaf readings. Look for more trad games too, such as foosball, ping pong and the scary (for some of us) balloon darts.

When they're not preparing for duck-of-war, Zuppa is working with Ambrae, co-writing and directing the school’s production, and preparing for the premiere of their apocalyptic Five Easy Steps to the End of the World, in Cardiff, Wales. Expect the Halifax premiere on October 26.

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