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In this, Weir's 11th collection of poetry, the Massachusetts-based poet refracts a multitude of selves along the cracked surfaces of 41 loose sonnets. By using a mathematical sketch by Fernando Pessoa (a Portuguese poet well-known for his many, many heteronyms) along with the caption "by the longest possible route" as an epigraph, Weir prepares the reader for the myriad of curving paths that lay ahead. Written almost exclusively in first person plural and addressed to an ambiguous and shapeshifting "you," the poems take on an authoritative tone, though the actual content is rather playful--- whimsical, even. This counterintuitive pairing is typical of Weir, a great lover of knotty contrast and contortion. As ever, her tiny, riveting dislocations make for sublime reconsideration on the part of the reader. The most puzzling of moments herein are usually devoid of typical resolve, yet urge the reader to plod deeper into the marvellous snarl of traits and tangents.

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