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Who's getting HRM's arts funding and why

Slicing up the $300k pie from 2014/15's operating budget

Who's getting HRM's arts funding and why
Xara Choral Theatre is one of the many groups recommended for funding

First of all, yahoo for arts funding. Second of all, yahoo for detailed reports from the city explaining which arts organization are recommended to receive exactly how much (or nothing at all) and why. Click here for the full report, it's very informative.

Here's a quick breakdown of how much each HRM-based arts organization (I'd say "Halifax" because that's what we have to do now except in this report they still use "HRM" so I'm all topsy turvy) were recommended to receive of the $300,000 allotted in 2014/2015 operating budget. It's broken down into two sections, operating grants and project grants. Operating grants are broken down into two tiers, tier one for anchor organizations and tier two for operating assistance.

There were a total of 57 applications in this interim program of 2014/15, requesting a combined value of $697,379 in funding. There was a total of $298,000 in recommended awards. Out of the 300k from the operating budget, there's $2000 left over.

It's likely that these grants will get their final approval at February 17 council. But be warned, things can change. From the report:

“Final approval of all applications for a grant, and the amount thereof, is a decision of Council in its sole discretion.” At their discretion, the Grants Committee has the ability to make adjustments to the award recommendations contained in this report. Amendments to either (a) award recipients or (b) value of an award may be considered within the remaining funds not recommended for allocation, as outlined in the Financial Implications section. Given that operating funds cannot be carried forward or grants awarded retroactively from a prior fiscal year, any amendments and/or referrals must be concluded prior to March 31, 2015.

PS: If you're getting some money, can I borrow $5?

Anchor requests requested amount recommended amount
Neptune Theatre Foundation $50,000 $40,000
Symphony Nova Scotia Society $50,000 $35,000
2b Theatre Association* $25,000 $20,000
Atlantic Filmmakers Co-operative Ltd $25,000 $18,000
Bus Stop Theatre Co-operative Ltd* $5,425 $4000
Carbon Arc Cinema Co-operative Ltd $3600 $3000
Eastern Front Theatre Society $24,000 $14,000
Eye Level Gallery Society $14,900 $10,000
Kinetic Studio Society $7000 $4500
Live Art Productions Society $25,000 $16,000
Mocean Dance Society $24,000 $15,000
Onelight Theatre Society $25,000 $20,000
Scotia Chamber Players $21,000 $10,000
Shakespeare by the Sea Theatre Society $25,000 $10,000
Society for Art Presentation (Centre for Art Tapes)* $10,000 $7000
Visual Arts Nova Scotia $12,000 $7000
Zuppa Circus Theatre Society $21,177 $16,000
Total Award $368,102 $249,500

* denotes recommendation to receive project assistance as well

Here are the project grants:

Name of Organization requested amount recommended amount
2b Theatre Association* $10,000 $8000
Bus Stop Theatre Co-operative Ltd* $1500 $1000
The Deanery Project Co-operative Ltd $10,000 $8000
Luna/Sea Theatre Company Society $6800 $5000
Obey Convention Music and Art Society $10,000 $8000
Secret Theatre Society $3575 $2000
The Society for Art Presentation(Centre for Art Tapes)* $5000 $3000
Queer Acts Theatre Festival Society $2950 $2500
Vocalypse Productions Society $5000 $3000
Xara Choral Theatre Society $10,000 $8000
Total Award $64,825 $48,500

*denotes recommendation to receive operating assistance as well

Here comes the sad part, the following organizations weren't recommended for funding at all, mostly on the basis of score. Bit of a sting for some of these organizations who only asked for grants in the neighbourhood $2000 to realize that there is exactly $2000 left over.

Not recommended funding for operating assistance 2014/2015:

Aeolian Singers Requested $2463
Atlantic Book Awards Society Requested $5000
Atlantic Flamenco Productions Requested: $9000
Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association Requested $5000
Capella Regalis Requested $20,000
Debut Atlantic Requested $15,000
The Doppler Effect Productions Society Requested $5500
The Halifax Camerata Singers Requested: $10,000
Khyber Arts Society Requested $11,352.20
Luna/Sea Theatre Company Society Requested $6800
The Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia Requested: $25,000
Nova Scotia Kiwanis Music Festival Association Requested $10,000
Old School Community Gathering Place Co-operative Ltd. Requested $5529
Suddenly Listen Music Society Requested: $6500
Theatre Nova Scotia Requested $5000
Upstream Music Association Requested $6000
Women in Film & Television-Atlantic Requested $7375
Word on the Street Festival Requested $7000

Not recommended funding for project assistance 2014/2015:

The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative Ltd. Requested: $8000
Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association Requested: $10,000
Carbon Arc Cinema Co-operative Ltd. Requested: $4000
Compania Azul- Flamenco Made in Atlantic Canada Society Requested: $10,000
The Doppler Effect Productions Society Requested $5330
Eyelevel Gallery Society Requested $10,000
Live Art Productions Society Requested $10,000
JazzEast Rising Association Requested $10,000
Scotia Chamber Players Requested $7000
Ville Passeist Theatre Society Requested: $2000
Youth Art Connection Requested: $10,000
Zuppa Circus Theatre Society Requested $5000

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