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mmm. dinner bath!

comin ta getcha, suckaaaa!
  • comin' ta getcha, suckaaaa!

This week was quite the week for videos. I am going to be super late on this train and re-post a link to M.I.A.'s new video for her new song, "Born Free."

(Spoiler alert: It takes place in a world where this guy (and those of his ilk) get no love.

mmm. dinner bath!
  • mmm. dinner bath!

(Spoiler alert #2: There's naked bums and boobies! And gore galore.)

So I actually really like the video. I love M.I.A.'s crazy colourful design-school videos too, but she's older now and this video seems to reflect a deeper connection between her generally sharp lyrics and the way she presents these ideas. I like that. It's more interesting than 90 percent of the things I've seen recently and it had me thinking and re-playing certain scenes in my mind for about ten minutes, instead of spending ten minutes resisting the urge to stab myself in the cornea with my protractor. Really, I think that's a plus.

Spoiler alert #3, though
: I think the song is crap. Like, disappointingly crap. I think it is really boring to yell slogans over the riffs of a band people pretend to like but I suspect actually don't. Of course, I am old as shit (28 this weekend. Oh Hell!) and don't really understand popular music anymore, so maybe Maya has something else up her sleeve and she's really going to blow up with the awesome. I sure hope so. What do YOU think?

In other news, everyone has probably seen this now, but it still stands as the best Lady Gaga video re-make I've ever seen. Whooda thunk?

Also, Heather Rappard (of the wonderfully evil local vulva-noise act Meat Curtains) sent us some pretty neat videos that she made. We are particularly floored by this one, for Chief Thundercloud's I Left You There. I wish I owned that swirling neon flora/fauna sweater. And I will probably be watching this again later, after my birthday libations, trying to forget my life.

Have a great weekend, you all.

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