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Vibe it out
Neus Ruiz
The Vibrators: Darrel Bath, Eddie, Pete.

The Vibrators is one of the staple '77 British punk bands, and this Saturday, the much-shuffled lineup will play some classic punk nuggets at Gus' Pub. Thirty-eight years is a long time to keep track of, so we've made a handy timeline so you'll know what you're talking about in between handfuls of party mix.

1976: Ian 'Knox' Carnochan, bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis and drummer John 'Eddie' Edwards start The Vibrators, and begin sharing stages with The Sex Pistols and The Clash.

1977: The Vibrators support Iggy Pop on his British tour after meeting him in Berlin.

1977: Inspired by The Vibrators' song "Stiff Little Fingers," Stiff Little Fingers forms.

1977: The Vibrators release Pure Mania.

1978: The band performs on Top of the Pops, playing its only top 40 hit, "Automatic Lover."

1980: The lineup changes begin—strap in, there are 19 ex-Vibrators in the world right now.

1982: The band reforms with the original line-up.

1986: Pat Collier is replaced by Noel Thompson, John Ellis leaves to join The Stranglers, replaced by Mickie Owen. Noel Thompson eventually leaves and is replaced by Mark Duncan.

1988: Mickie Owen leaves and is replaced by The Members' Nigel Bennett.

1996: It's 1996, "Macarena" is number one on the Billboard charts and the current Vibrators' line up is Ian Knox, Nick Peckham and John "Eddie" Edwards.

1999: Peckham is replaced by Robbie Start.

2003: Start is replaced by Pete Honkamaki from the Finnish band No Direction.

2010: A new streamlined three-piece line-up: Knox (guitar/vocals), Pete (bass) and Eddie (drums).

2012: Nigel Bennett (who replaced Knox in 2011) is replaced by Darrell Bath.

2013: The Vibrators release On The Guest List, their 19th full-length album.

2014: The Vibrators raise a few tiny drafts with Outtacontroller, The Scoop Outs, Like a Motorcycle and you at Gus' Pub. Saturday, August 23, 10pm, $8/$10 after 11pm. —Stephanie Johns

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