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Under The Ivy: The Life and Music of Kate Bush

By Graeme Thomson (Omnibus Press)

Kate Bush is one of the great enigmas of modern pop music. The British singer released five records between ages 20 and 27 and only three from 27 to 52, becoming a virtual recluse in the meantime. Thomson’s academic approach is impeccably researched and annotated, a wealth of information unearthed by his interviews with hundreds of Bush’s colleagues and friends, everyone from primary school teachers to Daniel Lanois, who only produced her once when she sang on Peter Gabriel’s “Don’t Give Up.” It’ll be fascinating for anyone who already knows the initials “KT” appear in the artwork of every one of Bush’s album covers but it’s probably too arcane and detailed for the casually curious. But then, Bush’s work has probably only ever inspired total devotion or utter confusion---here’s to the devoted.
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