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Trudeau: Long March/Shining Path

Nova Scotian talent fuels ambitious new work

Much like the man himself, Trudeau: Long March/Shining Path seemed to polarize the audience on opening night. Several people left after the first act, yet the performance earned a sustained standing ovation from others. For my part, while I found a lot to admire about the work itself and the creative energy and talent that was showcased on the stage, I’d be hard pressed to say I enjoyed it without reservation. For someone such as me who is more captivated by words than by music, it was frustrating that some balance issues made it difficult to catch a lot of what was sung. (Although there was some improvement in the second act and conceivably any sound problems may now be ironed out.) Frequent scene and costume changes and some clever choreography kept the production visually interesting. Despite the bugs that need to be ironed out, this home-grown opera deserves to be seen.

Trudeau: Long March/Shining Path runs June 16 to 20 at Sir James Dunn Theatre. For tickets and information, visit or call 902-429-1797

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