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Tongan Death Grip!!! TOMORROW!!

At Gus' Pub, Tuesday, November 17


Why would you even think of staying in tomorrow night? You must go out. Here are ALL THE DETAILS:

Gus' Pub, Tuesday November 17, 10pm (done by 1am), $5.
Tongan Death Grip: Holy crap, I figured I'd never get to see them again. Tuesday night is the new Christmas Day. Why am I so lucky, huh?

Mess Folk: From Sydney, on Hozac Records. Insanely awesome garage music.
SHINOBI: Hold on to your hat, socks, pants, shoes, shirt, underthings.
and a short set from Jon McKiel's new band, Smokers. Strangely enough, no one in the band smokes. Unless you're talking about "smoking" like "wow, that band is smoking hot." Because then, yes, they all smoke.

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