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Tiny Vaudevilles

A show that tickles on lots of levels

Ben Stone tickles the ivories

Ben Stone tickles the ivories
  • Ben Stone tickles the ivories

Zuppa Theatre’s Tiny Vaudevilles is deceptively simple and definitely delightful. It plays on the idea of “vaudeville” by incorporating two of Chekhov’s funny and astute one-act farces (called vaudevilles) into the vaudeville variety-show format . This gives the talented trio of Stewart Legere, Susan Leblanc-Crawford and Ben Stone ample opportunity to show off their musical and comedy chops. As an extra layer of delight, the audience is invited to tip a glass (pre-purchased vodka or Baltic Porter) at several points during the show. The production makes brilliant use of the Music Room’s unique stage set-up, with characters exiting and entering from both the foyer and the outdoors. The “deceptively simple” comment in this review comes from the fact that the many elements of the show are held together with such easy charm that you probably won’t realize what a tour de force you’ve seen until the laughter dies down and the alcohol buzz fades away.

May 7 — 11, 2014
The Music Room, 6181 Lady Hammond Rd., Halifax

8 PM Wednesday to Saturday
2 PM Sunday

(902) 489-9872

$20 general admission

Add a “drink-a-long” ticket to your purchase and drink-a-long with the characters as you watch Tiny Vaudevilles. Each $5 drink-a-long ticket will get you 2 oz of Iceberg Vodka or a snifter of Garrison Brewing Co.’s Grand Baltic Porter. There will be six opportunities to raise your glass—three times in each act.

Drink-a-long tickets can be purchased with show tickets at http://tinyvaudevilles.eventbrite.ca/ They will also be available at the door.

You must be 19+ to drink-a-long. Photo ID required.

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