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Timber Timbre

Creep On Creepin’ On (Arts & Crafts)

Since the last Timber Timbre album, the band has evolved from a solo sonic-exploration for front man Taylor Kirk to a full-time trio. Enter Mika Posen (violin) and Simon Trottier (lap steel), both of whom take on a greater role fleshing out arrangements more reflective of the greater free experimentation Timber Timbre concerts, including a 2009 Pop Explosion appearance, are now known for. But fear not---if you loved the old, you’ll still love the new. Slapped-at grand-piano strings, wavering drones and drearily haunting melodies seduce as much as they threaten. With Kirk channelling his inner Cohen more than ever before (especially on an upbeat track like “Too Old to Die Young” complete with the female back-up singers) Creep on Creepin’ On is stellar, and further defines a band to which no one else compares.
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