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Thriller Whiteout freezes

No suspense or sense of Artic isolation in this South Pole whodunit.

Even though Whiteout is set in one of those locales that begets the tagline "In ... no one can hear you scream," the film can't even pass muster as a pulse-pounding whodunit, nor resemble Antarctica as anything more than inconveniently blowy and cold. Kate Beckinsale plays South Pole-based g-woman Carrie Stetko, who is investigating a murder. The banality of the crime compliments the unimaginativeness of its execution. I don't recommend seeing this movie---the examples of Whiteout's ineptitude are more entertaining: within five minutes of meeting Stetko, she is undressing to get in the shower; and the filmmakers rely on chintzy CGI rather than actual footage of Antarctica's terrain. Director Dominic Sena can't even make the South Pole feel isolated, the station feels no less busy than a small international airport.

Whiteout is not showing in any theaters in the area.

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