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This is Sidney Crosby's basement....sort of

New Reebok commercial rebuilds Cole Harbour myth in Pittsburgh.

By now, you've probably seen Sidney Crosby's new Reebok commercial and know all about the legend of the pockmarked dryer. If not:

This is my town. This is my house. This is my mom and dad. This is my basement....

Whoa. Wait a second...

This commercial has me all riled up like a bad case of static cling. In December USA Today ran this revealing fact:

The Pittsburgh Penguins star's childhood basement was reproduced exactly in Pittsburgh for a Reebok commercial about Crosby shooting pucks into the dryer. However, Crosby, in good fun, conceded afterward that wasn't exactly how the game was played when he was growing up in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

"The story is misunderstood," he said, chuckling. "I wasn't trying to shoot pucks in it. When I missed the net, I would hit the dryer on one side of the net. When I appeared on the Jay Leno show, he had me shoot at it, and everyone just assumed I shot pucks in it."

OK, I'm not naive enough to believe everything I see on TV is for reals, but you too, Crosby? With Tiger Woods out of the running you were in the lead for athlete most likely to make mom swoon.

Now you're probably going to tell me this isn't really the Lunenburg mayor.


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