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The Year of Living Room Dangerously

catriona sturton and jesse dangerously are playing at birdhouse, birdhouse



I don't know what the deal is with this week (Pride? Halifax Rocks? Boob sweat?) but somehow all the things are happening, RIGHT NOW. People are doing crazy things every night of the week, we've already torn through two eight-packs and there's bicycles and laughter and firecrackers everywhere. It's wonderful.
We've stopped by two house shows this week already and there are two more that you really shouldn't miss before you go get double-rainbow-loaded for Pride.

Halifax-bred, Ottawa-based rapper Jesse Dangerously is bringing a roving band of musicians through the Maritimes over the next few days on a tour designed for living rooms and other such cozy venues. He will be joined by former Plumtree bassist and the cutest woman in all the land, Catriona Sturton. And what a melange of instruments they promise! Dangerously's band will reportedly have glockenspiel, mandolins, and all sorts of fun shit. We saw Sturton the last time she was here and her songs will literally kill you with sweetness, but not in a boring way. It's just nice to see people having so much fun making music. The Halifax show is Friday night (July 23) at the Birdhouse at 6156 Duncan Street and the funzies begin at 10pm. Bring some donations to keep them going and enjoy yet another amazing house show this week because IT'S STILL SUMMER HOLY AMAZING SHIT.

For an extra treat, here is a Plumtree mini-reunion at a Scott Pilgrim party in Toronto last week. Filmed by the lovely Miss Sofi Papamarko.

Lizzy, It's Yo Birthday

Also tonight: Al Tuck plays for Coast contributor and wee corker Lizzy Hill's birthday. Then there will be some DJing by Innez the Future. I think it's $5 for Al. Go and give her a little love-squish in the face and dance to some good music. Facebook says it is a public event but I will let you go to the link here in case Lizzy feels weird about me broadcasting her address all over the internet:!/event.php?eid=144297615586702&index=1 Happy barf-day Lizzy!


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