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The Sex Festival loves you

Loves you two times even, this month at the Plutonium Playhouse

The Sex Festival loves you
Ass-k yourself this, do you really want to be behind on getting tickets for this fest? #terriblepuns #nicebuns

The Plutonium Playhouse’s second annual Sex Festival (click for full listings and ticket info) steams up February. Get to the shows early, as year had sold out crowds. Why? Because people love sex. The festival is “a series of plays, readings, photos, music and videos that explore sex, sexuality, relationships, gender and the human body,” says artistic director Thom Fitzgerald. “You won’t find the XXX stuff you can watch on the internet. You’ll find work by artists that is by turns erotic, comedic, sadistic, horny, ecstatic, anguished, playful and orgasmic.” How will the festival differ from this year to the last? "Last year we raised Halifax hemlines from the ankle to the knee. This year it's a tear-away skirt," sats Fitzgerald. "It's sexier this year. Still high mindedly artistic—we're working with some great music and great texts like Bryden MacDonald's Whale Riding Weather but really delving into its sex and sensuality."

The fest runs to February 27, beginning with A Night of Filthy Emails on Monday, February 6 (8pm, $10, tickets

The public’s hot, hot email submissions will be taken from locally produced site and read aloud. "Reading some of the filthy submissions out loud to an audience is one more level of the extremely private going public," says Fitzgerald. "Last year it was a laugh riot. So awkward, funny and hot. People loved it." Let the extrovert in you out, make a submission, listen to your fantasies and try not to blush.

Tuesday, February 7 (to Feb 12) treat yourself to Whale Riding Weather, by Bryden MacDonald, directed by Fitzgerald. Finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama, the play is a love story where “a faded queen finds his mind slipping away from him along with his young lover.”

The Plutonium Playhouse Society moves out of their Hunter Street location at the end of April, and what better way to send them off than on a wave of horniness.

"I'd like to say there is some sort of agenda, like ensuring every Haligonian gets laid this February," says Fitzgerald. "But really we just want everyone to have a good time."

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