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The Pigeon Project pops up

Pay close attention to the windows on Granville Square and you'll find Morag Schonken's feathered friends.

The Pigeon Project  pops up
Birds baby, birds.

If you're not looking for them, you might miss most pigeon roosting spots, and likewise, you might miss the Pigeon Project

---an installation devoted to the humble pigeon, in a Granville Square-facing window at NSCAD's main campus. Morag Schonken, an interdisciplinary student focusing on installation art, put together the project out of her long-time interest in pigeons and their relationship with humans. "The parallel between invisible groups in our society, such as the homeless, LGBT community and other minorities and the often invisible or hated pigeons is also of great interest to me," she says. The installation includes craft-based replicas of pigeons, pigeon embryos, feet and feathers, a stuffed pigeon and a book where viewers can contribute their own pigeon stories. Schonken wears a name tag and takes questions when observing pigeons on the street. "It is a kind of performance but also very much about a quiet, educational activism and standing up for a misunderstood creature," she says.

To August 17, Old Seeds Gallery, 1892 Hollis Street (Granville side)

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