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The Motorleague Are Part of Your Heritage

acknowledge! acknowledge!


Those Canadian Heritage Moments just keep on giving. The Motorleague has now joined Classified in referencing one of the classic 60-second historical clips, naming its upcoming album Acknowledge, Acknowledge in reference to the harrowing Halifax Explosion episode, which is still burnt into my consciousness after all these years. “You can kill an afternoon perfectly watching Heritage Moments, especially if you’re drinking,” says lead singer/guitarist Don Levandier. “We don’t find that episode funny — it’s pretty morbid — but those commercials are inspiring.” The album is due out sometime in May. Meanwhile, the band, who chose to lay low this winter, is embarking on a mini-tour with The Bad Bad Bad, Pewter City and Audrey and the Agents, kicking off Wednesday, March 16 at Gus’ Pub. The band will be handing out cards for Shitty Bingo to the first 30 people at the door and calling out numbers in between sets, with the promise of shitty prizes like Cheez Whiz and puzzles. “It might go well, or it might be a complete fail,” says Levandier. “We’re just trying to make things a little different.”

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