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The Monument

Brilliant theatre that takes you to a very dark place


Yesterday, I left the dark, earth-strewn confines of the Bus Stop Theatre feeling completely destroyed. I had just experienced ninety minutes of distressing, heart-wrenching theatre. And despite the tears I’ve shed since then and the nightmares that woke me last night, I’m going to tell you why you should experience it, too.

The Monument is the story of Stetko (Stewart Legere), a young soldier who played a despicable role in an unnamed conflict. At the very moment of his execution for war crimes, he's offered a chance to live by a mysterious and forbidding woman named Mejra (Martha Irving). It comes as no surprise that Mejra has kept Stetko alive in order to exact revenge on him for the atrocities he has committed. Her capacity for hatred and brutality is both understandable and sickening.

And that is the point of this play. Even the difference between good and evil is not black and white. The innocent victims could be our daughters, but the aggressors could be our sons.

Powerful performances, an eerily effective set and expert direction make this a must-see. You’ll leave feeling bruised and battered, but infinitely grateful that for most Canadians, the dilemmas in this play are purely theoretical.

March 1-4, 8pm
March 3 & 4, 2pm

Ticket prices start at $15. Tickets to The Monument are available by contacting the LunaSea Theatre Box Office at 902.423.8202 or online at

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