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The Kremlin propagate their "serf rock" this week in Halifax

Wednesday at the Seahorse and Thursday at Gus' Pub

Underground rock
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The Kremlin are from Newfoundland by way of the USSR, hell bent on converting the masses through "serf" music and gogo dancing. "The goal of the Young Proletariat Recruitment Campaign is to mobilize the masses of Atlantic Canada against the monstrous vampire of capitalism that leaves the common worker anemic and exploited," says Komrad Lenin (guitar). "First we take Halifax, then the whole country." To keep you on task, they are coming out with a new manifesto in musical form. "We are currently producing our fourth album and second full-length LP. It is a live album that captures the rapturous cries for solidarity in the face of neoconservative tyranny that reverberate at Kremlin rallies," says Lenin. "It is tentatively titled Stairway to Lenin." They hit Halifax on Wednesday, August 19 ( at the Seahorse) and Thursday, August 20 (at Gus' Pub), until then, "eat plenty of borscht be sure to get your eight daily glasses of vodka," Komrad Lenin advises.

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