The GZA Brings the Pain. So Does Beer. | Cultural Festivals | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST

Today has been nuts, nuts nuts. I have lots of stuff I want to talk about and NO TIME TO DO IT AGGGH! Here's a really short post until tomorrow when I write about Statues, Bloodsport, almost crying during Islands at the Pavillion this afternoon (beautiful! beautiful! Everyone tonight is in for such a treat) and Sebastien Grainger and the Mountain. All I will say is that hey---remember Death From Above 1979? Weren't they great? Yeah. Sebastien Grainger and the Mountain are not so great. Not great at all. It doesn't say much for a band when you spend their entire set wondering if the whole band is an elaborate joke being played on hapless hipsters, because they certainly sound like one.

Oh, and on Friday night I saw the GZA---a show that's in a close second to being my favorite of the whole festival so far. Here is a picture of him. He was awesome and shook lots of people's hands through his whole set. However, in this photo, someone is trying to give him fist-props, and he is reaching to shake their fist instead, and looking at the camera with a ridiculous face. Aw, GZA, you're teh cutest.

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