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The Drums are a preposterous band. Hailing from Florida and looking like what would happen if The Smiths and The Thompson Twins had four babies, these Brooklyn transplants dance awkwardly with their instruments and sing sentimental love songs that recall the 1980s. But it’s not the ’80s, which makes these guys’ musical merit seem questionable at best. Luckily, they write really catchy pop songs. Mixing the minimalism of Phoenix with the sensibilities of girl groups like The Shirelles, The Drums’ first full-length is a smattering of sunny pop hits. The one downside is that as a full-length it’s widely inconsistent; being made up of a collection of EPs released by the band over the past year and a half is likely the culprit. This album sounds more like a singles collection than a definitive record, but in a world dominated by mp3s, it’s suited perfectly for the average iPod listener or 80s nostalgist.
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