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The "Dog Days" Of Summer Are Here

hyuk hyuk! hyuk!

beast in repose

beast in repose
  • beast in repose

Here's the post where we do the usual blathering about how it's Friday and we're going to drink mojitos or whatever, and garden badly, and burn off our friend's arm hair with the BBQ (this actually happened last week) and try to hang out with as many dogs and cats as possible. Saturday in particular features a pile of great things, and many of them are free free free, which is great when you're trying to save money for mojito mix and hot dogs.

First, let's listen to a new Dog Day song from their upcoming album. It's called "Part Girl." Their new album Deformer comes out on August 2 and the album release party is at the Seahorse on August 5 with Bird World and those lovable kooks in Apollo Ghosts. Ugh. Boil this down and shoot it into my veins, I need it so bad, fixes, drug analogies, etc. The brain, it's tired!

Dog Day - Part Girl

1) Free Reading vs. Pie

Coast contributor Andrew Patterson will be reading from his new book of poesie, Shards Bring Luck, behind Elsie's beginning at 3pm. He will be supported by the great ginger wordsmith Geordie Miller and Ben Stephenson. Musical genius Mark Grundy will be playing an acoustic set along with the lovely Gianna Lauren. It is free and I am told there is pie. Jenner Brooke-Berger wrote about it here. I will be there.

2) Free Bands vs. Lemonade

A bunch of good bands are playing outside on Saturday just around the corner from this reading at Starbucks on Spring Garden Road. Proceeds go to the IWK. Many great bands will be playing, including the Scoop Outs, Whiskey Bent and Hellbound, Hind Legs, Like a Motorcycle, Aux.Out and S.S. Khandalla. It's free too and starts at 1pm, with free Starbucks lemonade, holy cripes. Pie and lemonade. I think I'm gonna die. Allison Saunders wrote about this here.

3) Free Bands vs. Dartmouth

After all the happy afternoon times, I'm going to the Pharcyde JazzFest show (not free, but still awesome) and then I will (drunkenly) walk over the bridge to the D, where Tongan Death Grip, Bad Vibrations, the Deadly Hearts and Moncton's re-united Pervert will be ripping it at Jacob's Lounge. This is such a good lineup and it's totally free. I could cry, it rules so much. Let's go!

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