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The complete lockpick pornography

By Joey Comeau (ECW Press)

The best parts of Toronto-based writer Joey Comeau's stories in The Complete Lockpick Pornography are his surprising yet compassionate endings. The first story in the volume is a "genderqueer adventure story" that follows four friends as they challenge heteronormative beliefs of the Halifax community with a schoolbook scandal, Sesame Street, sizzling sex and more. After such a wild, witty and provocative read, Comeau finishes with a startling twist that reveals much of human nature's depths in a prejudiced society. "We All Got it Coming" is about a gay couple's love and how they deal with the repercussions of a hate crime. Again Comeau shakes things up in the last few pages with an emotional explosion and a heart-wrenching reference to Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Both endings leave you reconsidering notions of violence, gender, sexuality and prejudice that surround us everyday. Although Comeau's endings are hopeful, the book shows that there still is no end to prejudice.

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