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The Big Sing is the choir of your dreams

Beginners welcome!

The Big Sing is the choir of your dreams
Graham Ereaux
The Big Sing leaders: Jack Bennet (right) and George Woodhouse (left)

New year’s resolution 2017: Do more things that scare you. Although, truthfully, with events this low pressure there’s no reason to be scared. So if you’ve resolved to do more totally fun and not at all scary things in 2017 you might want to check out The Big Sing. Launching this Monday, January 9 at 7pm at the Company House, the group wants to ease you off of the couch and into a friendly situation where you can belt out hits to your heart’s content. Here are the crucial details:

WHAT IS IT? “The Big Sing is a bi-weekly, drop-in singing event. Our inspiration is Choir! Choir! Choir! in Toronto. Each session (we hope to go weekly in the coming months) anyone who likes to sing popular songs is welcome to gather at the Company House,” says The Big Sing organizer Seth Levinson. “Jack Bennet and George Woodhouse will spend an hour or so teaching us three-part harmony of the announced song, then a video artist will document/record the song and post it to YouTube.”

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? “The only prep: listen to the song before coming. We'll be posting a link to the song on Thursdays preceding the event. Lyrics to the song will be distributed at the door.”

WHERE AND WHEN? Every second Monday, 7–9pm at The Company House, 2202 Gottingen Street. Admission is $5

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