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Tasty Planet: Back For Seconds

Available on iOS, Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows (Dingo Games)

When a science experiment goes terribly wrong and a grey goo nano-machine gets loose there are serious implications---and that's even before the nano-machine finds a time machine. Tasty Planet: Back For Seconds puts you in control of said grey blob as you gradually eat your way through each level, starting with incredibly small objects like pebbles and growing big enough to consume a Tyrannosaurus rex. But having to start off small with each level means this interesting mechanic gets old pretty quickly despite the cute cartoonish graphics. The levels change over time, but it's merely skin deep, the repetitive nature of the gameplay makes it hard to care about the goo thing's fate. The sound effects and music are almost unbearable as you munch through wave after wave of the same objects. The Katamari Damacy similarities are not enough to recommend this repetitive and flat experience.

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