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Pop Talk celebrates 50 episodes of putting the focus on the musician in short, sweet 13 minute radio pieces.

Talk show
Riley Smith

Prepare yourself for some Inception-level music journalism about music journalism. It can be forgiven in the service of spreading the word about about Accessible Media Inc.'s Pop Talk. Host Ryan Delehanty has been behind a mic for years, first with CKDU through his Bourbon Jungle and TV Party podcasts and then professionally with AMI---an organization that makes media accessible to Canadians who are blind, low vision, deaf, and hard of hearing through AMI-audio and AMI-TV. "I'd done a few different sorts of shows over the years," says Delehanty. AMI "doesn't have much in way of original music programming, so I pitched the idea. It's a bit more original than reading articles on music."

On Pop Talk, Delehanty's voice isn't in the spotlight. The show---a 13-minute focus on bands---is very much about the subject, in their own words. "I get tired of the Q&A aspect of a lot of interviews where the person making the shows wants to be a personality," he says. "I've done some music writing before and I kind of hate it."

For this reason, he keeps it short, snappy and sweet. "I don't have enough life in me to take in all the media I want to," he says. "When you're putting out something that's 90 minutes, you're only getting the hardcore fans. I liked keeping it bite-sized."

Delehanty brings local musicians like Rich Aucoin, Weirdo Click, The Chronos Band or touring musicians like Freak Heat Waves into the studio for informal chats, which are edited down, documentary style, featuring only the musician talking about their work over their music.

Saturday marks the 50th episode, featuring Halifax stalwarts Windom Earle.

Upcoming is an episode with Dog Day, and Pop Talk may be adapted for AMI-tv, airing locally on Eastlink channel 888. Delehanty has produced 46 of the 50 episodes locally---the other four were produced by his colleagues across the country. "Part of what I like about making bands accessible is that groups from here may not get out to tour but you can still hear about them and learn more and open it up to the rest of the country."

Pop Talk 50th episode
Saturday, January 11, 8pm
Eastlink 394

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