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Taking a SPIN through history

Multimedia show engages and entertains


All you would-be film makers need to see SPIN, for it contains the fascinating, dying-for-a-cinematic-treatment story of Annie Londonderry, the first woman to bike around the world. (Start working on a script!) Oh, and everyone else should go to this show, too, just because it’s an interesting, entertaining and ultimately enlightening ninety minutes. Evalyn Parry has brought together quirky musical numbers (accompanied by an eclectic mix of instruments, including a bicycle wired for sound), some fantastic spoken word pieces, projections (which malfunctioned slightly on opening night but will likely have received a tune-up by now) and engrossing story telling. I was tickled by the word play—-things like the double meaning of the “chains” of the mall—-and delighted by the stimulating conglomeration of ideas. Cyclists will rejoice in this celebration of the bike, and non-cyclists might even be tempted to give two-wheeling a whirl.

Neptune Studio Theatre
8:00pm July 19-21

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