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Symmetrical ceramics

Variations on a theme

Eliza Au and Ying-Yech Chuang's Variations of Symmetry is a whimsical exploration of the natural world through ceramic art. Their work is intricate, colourful and eclectic. Au's work is focused on shapes and repetition. Her three-dimensional work and uses multiple materials. "Brocade," made of stonewall, "The Frailty of Belief" made of cast glass and "Duel," made of porcelain are variations of identical pieces of art. Au's expertise is evident in "Twist," a stoneware sculpture that has endless curves. Chuang takes a different approach with pops of colour and plenty of imagination. Her main focus is nature. In the "Flower Series" pieces, Chaung combines Chinese imperial porcelain flowers and commercial vintage fabric. Take a stroll around "Winter Garden #2," where plexiglass, ceramics and fishing line create the illusion of a floating, white forest. It's magical.

Variations of Symmetry
Mary E. Black Gallery, 1061 Marginal Road
To July 14, 492-2522

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