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Swarm city

Photographer Kyle Cunjak sheds light on Halifax's mean side

Local photographer Kyle Cunjak opens up about the sinister side of Halifax with his submission in the x2: 2010-11 VANS Mentorship Program group show (also featuring work from Ruth Marsh and Matthew Carswell and their mentors Melina Spooner, Adrian Fish and Cathy Busby) opening at the Eyelevel Gallery (2159 Gottingen) on Friday, August 26th at 7pm and running to September 3.

Cunjak is presenting photographs based on his experience being swarmed, stabbed, and undergoing plastic surgery last September. The photos are not for the weak of heart, described as “a raw, gruesome look at what happened to Cunjak, depicting blood, scars and all.”

"I hope this work will get people talking about this unresolved problem," says Cunjak. "Swarmings happen too often in Halifax and the public needs to be aware that it is a reality and to watch out." Last fall there was a string of violent swarmings, leading some to believe the assaults are more concentrated in the fall months, making this exhibit all the more important and timely.

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