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Stages opens with Our Eliza

A dark but not depressing play about difficult lives and difficult relationships


There is no doubt that Our Eliza is a tragedy. It’s the story of a rural Newfoundland woman whose life is lived in service to her family. Pulled from school at 14 to look after a pack of younger brothers after her mother dies, Eliza (Renee Hackett) is gradually worn down by relentless drudgery and the haranguing of her selfish father (Greg Malone). The only bright spot in Eliza’s life is her marriage to a kind and loving man (Steve Lush), but there are hardships there, too.

The characters transform throughout the play from their more carefree selves to world-worn shells. Hackett is almost puppy-like as a teen, eager to please and bright as a new penny. By the end of the play she is bitter but not beaten, and it shows in her body and face. Malone is a treat to watch. His rapid-fire Newfie-speak garners many laughs as does his unrelenting garrulousness.

Playwright Megan Coles has chosen not to give this story a happy ending, and that seems just right for these characters who feel both heightened and down-to-earth real.

Wednesday, May 29 to Saturday, June 1 - 7:00 pm
Neptune Studio Theatre
For tickets and information call (902) 429-7070

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