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Rock it out: St. John's Women's International Film Festival

Halifax filmmakers take over Newfoundland's sIlver screens.

“I wish I could go out to every person,” says St. John’s Womens International Film Festival board member and programmer Gay Decker, “and say ‘You should go to this film festival because there is a better likelihood that you are going to hear your story.’” The annual festival featuring films written, produced and directed exclusively by women is hitting screens around the Newfoundland and Labrador capital and boasts entries from Halifax’s better known filmmakers, Eva Madden (Fast Forward in Reverse), Andrea Dorfman (How to Be Alone), Jasmine Oore (Glamor Guts), Lulu Keating (Brain Clever and Dog = God) and Nance Ackerman (Four Feet Up.) Decker insists that the festival is a venue not just for unique voices, like the ones mentioned above, but for audiences to finally connect with them. “First and foremost we’re looking for the best stories,” Decker says. “The first viewfinder is ‘Is it well produed? Is it relevant and meaningful? Is it well told?’”

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