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Shotgun Jimmie

Transistor Sister (You’ve Changed)

Jimmie’s third album is packing extra heat. Maybe it’s the rhythm section: Ryan Peters (Ladyhawk, Lightning Dust) on drums/percussion/backing vocals and Jay Baird, who plays in Feist’s live band, on bass/horns/backing vocals. They fuel the album with more frequent use of faster tempos, matching well with Jimmie’s guitar-playing style, by turns snap-crackle-pop and slash-burn. The slow-burners and midtempo songs are fewer in number here than before. Jimmie delivers his words, which show a greater world-weariness now, right on this strong backbeat, like great power pop’s supposed to do. “Suzy,” “King of Kreuzberg,” “Too Many Flowers” and “Peace and Love” burn brightest on a brilliant album.
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