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I love that there are nine programs of Atlantic Shorts. (I saw the eighth.) I love that there are so many people taking a shot at being filmmakers, even though it’s so difficult to make a living doing it. But I also love that new, affordable digital cameras are making it easier to make films and videos, that more people are documenting things in their lives, capturing moments.

The program on Thursday evening was full of shorts by students of the Screen Arts program at the Nova Scotia Community College, as well as a selection of music videos and other shorts, many associated with the Atlantic Film Co-op. There were some 15 shorts. Here’s a short list of shorts that made an impression on me.

Arctic Surf directed by Yassine Ouhilal. A look at surfers who travel to remote, frosty locales to catch the waves. Told almost completely with images of surfers and voice-over, and shot with a new, high-tech Canon camera, it’s a hypnotic little doc. It didn’t make me want to clamber into a drysuit, but the skills of the surfers are something to see.

Glen Knockwood: Parkour Pioneer directed by Timothy Reed. Oh, that looks like fun: An interview with a local obstacle jumper, with great footage of his startling athletic abilities.

How To Be Alone. One of Tanya Davis’s typically thoughtful poems set to music, an instructional on beating loneliness (I took notes), with moving images and animation by director Andrea Dorfman.

Sweet Little Bird directed by Ashley McKenzie, a video for a Carmen Townsend song including both a performance and an undercurrent of narrative. About freedom, I think.

Tanks directed by Aram Kouyoumdjian. A gorgeous, post-apocalyptic stop-motion animated video exploring the evils of industrialization and environmental devastation, set to a tune by Down With The Butterfly.

Uh Uh No Way A brief, hilarious rap, where director/star Krista Davis explains her same-sex interest to Daniel Ledwell’s enormous talking cock (painted rooster, that is).
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