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Sherman Downey’s Sun rises

Touring The Sun in Your Eyes, Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Case make a stop in Halifax for the March Hare Festival

When Sherman Downey began recording his debut album, Honey for the Bees, four years ago, he went into the studio with a grant from MusicNL, a full set of songs...and no band. Rather than seeking out some session musicians and hoping for the best, Downey turned to the folks he was working with on a Pogues tribute concert to see if they might be interest in joining him in the studio. With the success of that album and the next, The Sun in your Eyes, and the band's recent victory in CBC's Searchlight Competition, it would seem that Downey's gamble on the fellows who have become The Ambiguous Case (Andrew Ross, Bill Allan, Neil Targett and Paul Lockyer) paid off.

"I'd like to think you can hear that we were becoming close friends during those early recording sessions," Downey says. "That first album really is a snapshot of us becoming a band."

The friendship is evident in their live show, and will be on full display at the Carleton on Sunday night for the March Hare Festival. "We love what we do," enthuses Downey, "and I think it shows." Audiences will have a chance to connect with the energetic, amiable group as part of March Hare, a week long, cross-Canada poetry and arts festival. Here in Halifax, Downey and the boys will share the stage with Rex Brown, Paul Dean, Wayne Hunt, Lisa Moore, Daniel Payne, Stephanie Payne and Agnes Walsh before returning to Corner Brook to close out the festival with two more shows.

After a month on the road with The Sun in Your Eyes, the band is excited to get home to Corner Brook, but don't expect them to sit still for long. Come summertime, they'll be back doing what they love: "Fostering good vibes and trying to have a good time."

The March Hare w/Sherman Downey & The Ambiguous Case, Rex Brown, Paul Dean, Wayne Hunt, Lisa Moore, Daniel Payne, Stephanie Payne, Agnes Walsh

Sunday, March 9 at 2pm, $15/$20
The Carleton Music Bar & Grill, 1685 Argyle Street

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