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Shearing Pinx cut it up

The experimental Vancouver band reunites for an all-ages Halloween treat

Far from its jam space in the Mouldy Village, a grungy building on Vancouver's downtown east side, Shearing Pinx is regrouping. Its guitarist Erin Ward moved to Montreal a few months ago, so other members Jeremy Van Wick and Nic Hughes have been playing under different names as a two-piece at home, and touring through the prairies, as well as fielding "drama" and "emails asking if we'd broken up," Van Wick says over the phone from Montreal. The band released the first LP of a two-part album on local Divorce Records earlier this fall (review on page 21).

"It was originally going to be a double album, and through talking about it with Darcy [Spidle, Divorce Records manager] and getting him involved in the creative process, it became a two-part release," says Van Wick. They recorded in their mouldy studio with a four-track, which brought out a much different side of the band than their previous studio recordings, Van Wick says. "It's more like our live show, more improv."

The album is the band's third full-length release, though they've produced dozens of tapes, seven-inches and split records in four years of existence. They last graced Halifax with two shows at the 2008 Obey Convention, and Van Wick made it to this year's festival with his other band Totally Ripped. Van Wick talks enthusiastically about the noise and experimental scenes in Halifax and Vancouver.

"Going across Canada and the US you kind of suppose there'll be this magical wonderland of lofts and art spaces, but it isn't always true," he says. "In Vancouver you kind of have to work together to do things." He reels off a list of weekly events there.

"We try to bring in free jazz, no-wavey punk kids, harsh noise kids...I'm not too into highbrow nonsense. I mean, I love John Cage and LaMonte Young, but I'm more lowbrow." –Laura Kenins

Shearing Pinx

w/ Ahna, Bad Vibrations, Data Cave

Friday, October 30, 10pm

Gus' Pub, 2605 Agricola Street

at Halloween Shake Down w/ Ahna, Pig

Saturday, October 31, 7pm

Lost & Found, 2383 Agricola Street

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