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See Bonesaw

Terrifying music drawing from a strong Halifax lineage of hardcore, punk and metalcore, this Friday.

See Bonesaw
Thanks to the bone for Bonesaw.

"Crapshoot" is a pretty fair and diplomatic way of describing work in the service industry, especially so when there's a strong possibility your boss will leaf through the local alt-weekly and read an article about your band.

"You have those days," says Bonesaw guitarist Sam Beeley, "where you just want to come home and sit in the shower while you smash your head against the wall." Three of the five members of the play-fast, negi-vibes hardcore band Bonesaw make a living pulling espresso and filling your cup with drip. So to their customers, bosses and co-workers: thanks be to bone they have this outlet.

The band came together over the winter of 2014, jamming in a dark partially converted garage lit only by a string of Christmas lights that hang above the drum set. "We all have busy schedules and try to jam as much as possible, all we want for this band is to be tight musically," says Beeley. If the two tracks off their split seven-inch with Botfly are any indication, they've done just that.

Bonesaw makes terrifying music that draws from the strong lineage of Halifax hardcore, punk and metalcore. "The Pavilion was my second home growing up," recalls vocalist Harley Shea. "From the time I was 14, up until its recent closure, that place was always one where I felt complete comfortable in." Guitarist Heather Wilson remembers what it felt like as an audience member: "I will forever hold onto the moments where this sort of music struck a chord with me," she says. "Standing at the back of the venue, watching everything unfold. After every show, having a sense of longing to be back in there, covered in other peoples' sweat."

It's bands like Bonesaw that demonstrate how critical an all-ages venue is in the development and overall well-being of a music scene. Hopefully they instill the same sense of excitement, curiosity and catharsis in young people who get to see them. But even if you're a crusty old cynical fart who's legitimately scared of this kind of music, you might experience some unknown thrill if you check them out. And hey, maybe it's not all serious bad vibes here, while "it certainly helps to have a place to channel that aggression and make something out of it," says Beeley, "it's also fun as fuck to just yell about stuff."

Bonesaw w/Dry Heave, Heiße and Botfly
Friday, May 29, 7pm
Plan B, 2180 Gottingen Street
$5 or pwyc
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