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Secret Theatre's Farewell, Halifax! gets gone

Say goodbye to all those who shuffle off this mortal city

Secret Theatre's Farewell, Halifax! gets gone
Harvey and Dembski say adios for you
Halifax has a habit of nurturing awesome people just to have them toddle off to the big city to make their fortunes. It’s a fact of life in a small city: you can’t really blame those who make the switch, but it’s sad all the same. Secret Theatre’s Dustin Harvey, in collaboration with Montreal artist Chad Dembski are giving you a chance at closure with their HRM Open Projects performance Farewell, Halifax!. The two performers will be saying goodbye to all the past and future people who have left Halifax in a secret location on November 3-5 at 7:30pm (email [email protected] for the location, it’s like a rave, kind of!).

“There are reoccurring comedic and tragic episodes in which there are people singing farewell ballads, reading messages and waving goodbye,” says Harvey about the project. Harvey says Farewell, Halifax! is about community and what it means to live in one. Another of the artists’ goals is to imagine Halifax if everyone had stayed—something that Harvey thinks is particularly timely, “It happens to be interesting timing on the back of this shipping contract that came through and promises that people will come home.” Roll out the welcome mats this weekend.

Check out the Farewell, Halifax! trailer here:

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